Goulton Grange

What the Parents say...

“I can only say great things about Goulton Grange. Marian and her team provide a family environment with lashings of common sense thrown in. Each one of my children have been genuinely nurtured and developed through the key stages, but most importantly as a working mum they have all had great fun !”

“Goulton Grange is a magical place. The children are surroundedwith love, and are so happy. The country location is perfect as they spend their days in the healthy fresh air.” Jen Black

“We have sent both our children to Goulton Grange and love the friendly, family environment” Graham & Megan Wrightson

“My son has attended Goulton Grange for nearly 3 years. The staff are fantastic and the nursery is a lovely setting for the children to play and learn”

“Goulton Grange has been a home from home for my daughter. It has a caring, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The staff have encouraged her social skills and self confidence. She loves her daily walk and enjoys looking at all the animals!”

“Goulton Grange have taken amazing care of out little boy over the last year. Like a home from home he loves his days at nursery”

“We are so happy with Goulton Grange. The love care and encouragement they have shown our little boy has been second to none. The setting is fantastic for children's development and the staff so dedicated and lovely.”

“Goulton has given our child a great environment to develop. He loves the outdoor space, full of adventure with the animals and the walks / toys. He really enjoys the days here!”

“My child has grown in to a thoughtful, intelligent and imaginative little girl who is articulate and creative. She astounds us! I am so pleased we chose Goulton Grange. The range of activities she undertakes are wide and varied including yoga. The setting is beautiful and the family ethics encompasses all we value for our child.”

“Both our children have attended Goulton since the age of 1 through to starting school. When we first came to look around the nursery, we were struck at the warm, caring and fun atmosphere that emanated from all areas. Marian, Emily and their team are extremely welcoming and the care and support that our children have received has been second to none. The children have space to run, they play out in the fresh air, see farm animal, eat organic food and bond with each other. Nearly every day they come home with a creation, be it - a sunflower in a pot or a painting or something they have cooked. We have both been extremely pleased with the progress and development both of our children have made whilst at Goulton and it has been the perfect place for them before starting school. They are confident, inquisitive, fun happy children and it is no coincidence after spending time at Goulton. Goulton Grange is a very special nursery with amazing staff and the children who go there are very lucky to hace such a brilliant experience. We would heartily recommend any parent to send their children there.” Chris and Alex Scott

“I just knew this would be a wonderful place for my little girl the moment I set foot in the Nursery. There is a wonderfully supportive and caring atmosphere at Goulton Grange and whenever I drop her off, the staff really take the time to get to know you, making the difficult task of leaving your child much easier to handle. The physical space is second to none, with appropriate resources for a highly stimulation environment in which to immerse the children. All the staff are very warm and caring individuals and I know that my daughter is not only safe and cared for but loved too! What more could a mother want? Sending my child to Nursery is one of the hardest decisions I had to make, but I know I did the right thing when I chose Goulton Grange.”

“Both my children have been with Goulton Grange since they were four months old and have had the most amazing time at nursery. They have learnt so much, made so many friends, been well looked after and have had such a lovely time with you. I would recommend Goulton Grange Nursery to anybody that asks me where the children have been. I think that being flexible with parents is absolutely vital and would hope that you would never lose that flexibility – this is one of your greatest attributes, that and the family feel makes the nursery second to none.”

“It is never easy having to leave a child in the care of someone else, but this was made harder for us as our daughter is our first child. When we met Marian and Emily for the first time and saw the Nursery set-up, any concerns we had immediately disappeared. It was clear that we were not just leaving our daughter at a Nursery, but a loving and caring environment that was home from home. Long may it continue!!”

“My son has attended Goulton Grange for over two years. He is very settled and really enjoys his days at Nursery. Marian, Emily and all their staff have created a friendly, happy and caring environment where he feels secure and confident. The creative learning and development he receives is strengthened by the “just like at home” family feeling that is always evident at the Nursery.”

“Putting my children in nursery was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. At 12 months old, the happiness, development and safety of my triplets was paramount and maintaining a routine was critical. Goulton Grange stood out from the many other nurseries that I visited. Their passion for children and the working ethos, together with outstanding facilities and a beautiful countryside setting, set them apart. Marian & Emily Cornforth have an unrivalled approach to child care which allows the children to interact at all levels. They promote a relaxed and fun environment where children learn because they want to rather than because they are pushed. The personal contact with the parents is also second to none – I have always felt that I can contact Marian or Emily at anytime to discuss my children’s development.
My three girls are now 2 ½ and have impeccable manners, great social skills and are advanced in their learning. They adore attending nursery and I find it an absolute pleasure taking them to Goulton Grange. I have already booked a place for my next baby, due in June, confident in the knowledge that it will be loved and cared for as it would be at home.
Marian’s ten children are testimony to her childcare approach and skills – they are possibly the most closely knit family that I have ever met. Her own children are a real credit to her and something to be very proud of.”